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Complete Builds

sjc-pair-400x300.jpgWinning Builds

SJC has been formulating open/race-gun builds based on the GLOCK platform since 2000 to achieve perfection and reliability.

Now, working with other pistol and rifle platforms, we continue to build winning guns featuring components designed by SJC to improve the performance of you and your firearm.

Our specialty is conversions for:

  • Glock - 17, 22, 34, 35
  • Smith & Wesson - M&P full size
  • Browning - Buckmark
  • Ruger - 10/22

Start from the package you want below and select the options to customize it to your requirements.

We ask for 50% downpayment, using the "Down Payment" item below.

To discuss the finer points of your customization and final pricing please use our Contact Form

Due to increasing restrictions being imposed by many Credit Card processing companies on the lawful commerce in firearms and accessories, at this time Gunsmith Services including Complete Build items must be paid for with cheque or Money Order.

Please contact us for further instructions.

  • Glock Open 40 s&w Build Glock Open 40 s&w Build

    SJC Open Pistol 40 s&w Package Build

    Custom built 40 cal open package on your M&P or your Glock, shoot major power factor with OTC ammoincludes everything you need to be competitive in USPSA, Steel Challenge, or GSSF: SJC competition trigger job, SJC Heavy Weight magwell,SJC...

  • SJC Raptor Open Rimfire Rifle Package

    SJC Raptor Open Rimfire Rifle Package

    Open package build identicle to those used to set 4 world records in the 2014 World Speed Shoot. Send us your base model Ruger 1022. We: change the stock to a super light weight polymer stock that we stipple for maximum grip, add forward indexing grip...

  • SJC Limited Pistol Package Build

    SJC Limited Pistol Package Build

    SJC Limited Pistol Package built on customer's 3rd or 4th generation Glock pistol. Photos show packages with upgrades. Customer furnishes receiver and slide (rec. G24, G35, G17L) in suitable condition and OEM internal parts. SJC...

  • SJC Production Package on your Pistol

    SJC Production Package on your Pistol

    Production Pistol Package. Enhanced Accuracy, Competition Trigger, Fiber Optic Sights and Improved Grip all serve to provide a distinct competitive advantage. Customer furnishes GLOCK 17/22/34/35 in good condition. SJC provides: Gunsmith...

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    Down Payment

    Each quantity equals $100. Add to cart, then change the quantity to provide your 50% down payment. SJC recommends that you call to discuss your anticipated project and its pricing before using this item.

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    Final Payment

    This item is for your Final Payment for in Full payment (only) as directed by SJC. Each quantity equals $1.00. Add to cart then change the quantity to cover your amount owed rounding up the price to the next highest dollar. To...

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