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3 Gun Competition

One of the fastest growing shooting sports these days is the multi-gun or 3-gun competition. 

Gain your competitive edge with SJC components and gunsmithing.

In particular, the line of SJC Titan compensators will help keep you on target for rapid follow-up shots.

  • SJCTBC223-1 SJC Titan Extreme 223/5.56/AR-15

    SJC Titan Extreme 223/5.56/AR-15

    A few years ago, a used SJC Titan Comp underwent head to head testing against 50 of the world’s best rifle comps and was subsequently chosen as the AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #3’s best rifle compensator. SJC always believed we would best...

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  • SJC Precision Rifle Series Titanium Comp

    SJC Precision Rifle Series Titanium Comp

    This is the SJC PRS Titanium Titan.  1" diameter profile for seamless bull barrel matching no up ports forcing all gases through recoil reducing side ports while maximizing perfect symmetry to limit harmonic changes Light weight titanium to...

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  • SJC Blast Diverter SJC Blast Diverter and Adaptor

    SJC Blast Diverter

    SJC Blast Diverter Provides your shooting bench neighbor or R.O. some relief from the sideways concussive blast of your SJC Titan Comp. Includes: one Adaptor and one 1.5" x 4" Diverter Tube. Material: Aluminum (2 oz)     ...

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