SJC 2245 Mag Well Installation


Ruger 2245 Lite Mag Well


SJC0003-R  P / S / B

***If you do not understand these instructions in their entirety please stop and contact SJC for help***

  • Unload and verify that the chamber is empty and Magazine is removed from firearm before any work is performed.
  • This mag well is designed for the Ruger 2245 Lite model using modified o.e.m. or SJC Replacement Ruger Base Pads.
  • Remove the grip panels to assess mag well fit. Grip panels must be modified to re-install. A template can be made from paper aligned along the top of the installed mag well with alignment holes punched through the grip panel holes in the frame. Then align the template onto the inside of the grip panel to mark your cut line.
  • Verify the mag well fits on your frame. Snug is acceptable. But, don’t force a fit which could cause damage not be covered under warranty.
  • After alignment, tighten and loosen the set screws multiple times to mark their exact location onto your frame.
  • Back out the set screws and remove the mag well.
  • Using a #6-32” drill and tap set (home depot) drill and tap your frame in the previously marked locations being careful to hit your exact marks. We recommend proceeding one hole at a time double checking each location.
  • Reinstall mag well with loc-tite, threading screws through the threaded hole in the mag well and into the threaded holes in the frame. Be careful that the screws engage with the threads on the frame within a single revolution. Otherwise, screw tension is narrowing the frame. Screws should not protrude inside of the frame.