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Frame Weights

Frame Weight to Assist in recoil control

  • Glock Frame Weight rev 2 Glock Frame rev 1 uncoated installed

    SJC Glock Frame Weight

    New SJC Glock Frame Weights fit 9 mm, 40 cal, 10mm, and 45 cal Glock pistol frames like G17, G22, G34, G35, G17L, G24, and G21s  the "compact" frame G19 model will be available shortly. black oxide finished. They are all black. The silver...

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  • SJC Full Size M&P  Frame Weight

    SJC Full Size M&P Frame Weight

    SJC M&P Frame Weight in black oxide finish for full size models having an accessory rail.  Adds 6.3 oz of muzzle flip controlling weight to the front of your pistol with out increasing the cyclic mass.  Now legal for USPSA,...

  • SJC P320 Sig frame weight

    SJC P320 Sig frame weight

    SJC Sig Sauer P320 Frame Weight  Adds 6 oz of non reciprocating steel to the front of your pistol. Therefore, you need much less effort to maintain control during recoil, master muzzle rise, and stay on target. Helps you make those blazing...

  • SJC Ghost Holster Frame Weight Modification

    The SJC Frame weight hangs down below the accessory rail of your pistol, causing inadequate clearance issues with some holsters. This in shop service disassembles your Ghost super ultimate holster (you must mail to us). fills much of the hollow void in...

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  • SJC Thumb Rest kit for frame weight

    SJC Thumb Rest kit for frame weight

    Thumb rest kit for add on to SJC frame weight with thumb rest mounting holes. These fit the new or post SJC Nov 2018 Glock models, the SJC Glock Lg, Small, and compact, SJC Sig P320, and SJC M&P frame weights. They are available in silver,...