Frame Weights

Frame Weight to Assist in recoil control

  • Glock Frame Weight rev 2 G19 frame wt

    SJC Glock Frame Weight

    New three piece SJC Glock Frame Weights are available for both compact frame Glocks, and small frame/large frame Glocks. Work great for 9 mm, .40 cal, .357 sig, 10mm, and .45 cal Glocks like the G19, G23, G32, G38, G45, G17, G22, G34, G35, G24, G17L,...

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  • SJC P320 Sig frame weight SJC P320 Sig frame weight

    SJC P320 Sig frame weight

    SJC Sig Sauer P320 Frame Weight  Adds 6 oz of non reciprocating steel to the front of your pistol. Therefore, you need much less effort to maintain control during recoil, master muzzle rise, and stay on target. Helps you make those blazing...

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  • LFGBOMD gen 5 LFGBOMD gen 5

    Frame Weight Sight Mount Kits

    SJC Frame Weight Sight Mount Kits Bolt on unit, Requires no frame modifications to install. Just follow included instructions to bolt on the sight mount frame weight kit, Install your sight, Zero your sight and you are ready to go...

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