SJC Compensated Convertible Mount

Installation Instructions

Contact S & J Customs first if you do not understand any of the following instructions.

  1. It is your responsibility to make sure your pistol is unloaded and safe before starting.

  2. We warranty this mount for use only in pistols using o.e.m. parts and properly sized to the provided mount.  Only use the G17/G22 compensated convertible mount on a 3rd generation G17 or G22, and only use the G34/G35 compensated convertible mount on a 3rd generation G34 or G35. Cycle the slide and dry fire the installed units multiple times to assure yourself that the end of the pistol’s barrel always enters the barrel opening in the compensator every time with out any obstructions.

  3. To install, remove the trigger pin from your pistol

  4. Insert the accessory rail of your pistol into the corresponding notch in the mount and pull the mount rearward to align the screw hole with the empty trigger pin hole.

  5. Install the provided trigger pin screw from the left side and tighten lightly.  Using a light strength loctite or like product will prevent screw loosening during firing.

  6. To disassemble, remove trigger pin screw and push the mount forward until the accessory rail disengages from the mount then reinstall the trigger pin.