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Tested head-to-head against 41 competitors! The SJC Titan comes in #1 as the Best Rifle Compensator!

You can see test videos of many of our products on the Videos tab of each individual product. However, don't just believe us, look around.

The Lund/SJC Compensator in different calibers has been featured on many head to head comparison videos and personal shooter highlight reels due to its extremely flat shooting. Here are some of the best of them. 

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Tested by Jeremy S (The Truth About Guns) in his "AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #3"

SJC Titan came in #1 as the "Best Rifle Compensator!"

  • "SJC Titan reduced recoil by 78.18% as compared to the bare muzzle."
  • Best Recoil Reduction
  • Best (lowest) Recoil Distance
  • "King of the Recoil Reduction Hill"


SJC Titan - #1 of 44 brakes tested! Skip to time 57:00 for the summary. See the Write-up

9mm PCC


AK47 / 7.62