If you are considering an SJC product, you may order from this website.

SJC also supplies a select group of specialty distributors with our products. These fine folk offer a range of availability, ordering and delivery options which may fit your particular needs.

If you wish to be a distributor for our products, then please contact us.

SJC Distributor: CPWSA

CPWSA: Offerring "best in class" products for competitive shooters and law enforcement professionals.

See all SJC Products at CPWSA

SJC Distributor: LaRue Tactical

LaRue Tactical: LaRue is known world-wide for sniper targets, quick-detachable mounting solutions and hyper-accurate 7.62mm and 5.56mm rifle systems.

See all SJC Products at LaRue Tactical

SJC Distributor: RangeStore.NET

RangeStore.NET: RangeStore.net has a growing line of products for your shooting range and competition matches. Home of Steel Target Paint - the perfect paint for steel targets.

See all SJC Products at RangeStore.NET

SJC Distributor: Make Ready Pro Shop

Make Ready Pro Shop: We carry a full line of Shooting Gear Accessories & Parts for 3-gun, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and many others as well as items for the Tactical or Casual Shooter.

See all SJC Products at Make Ready Pro Shop

SJC Distributor: Shooters Connection

Shooters Connection: Selling the most desirable equipment for the shooting sports, Law Enforcement and CCW practitioners.

See all SJC Products at Shooters Connection

SJC Distributor: B&B Enterprises (Carver Custom)

B&B Enterprises (Carver Custom): In addition to the CARVER Mounting systems, you will have exposure to some of the best competitive accessories available for your handgun shooting sport and pleasure.

See all SJC Products at B&B Enterprises (Carver Custom)"

SJC Distributor: Valhalla Tactical Supply

Valhalla Tactical Supply: Top Quality Tactical Products Priced For Those Who Serve.

See all SJC Products at Valhalla Tactical Supply

SJC Distributor: Larson Weaponry

Larson Weaponry: Select deals on ammunition and firearms. FFL in Tucson, AZ.

Email for SJC Products at Larson Weaponry