SJC Pistol Cleaning and Lubrication

Cleaning and Lubrication 

Contact S & J Customs first if you do not understand the following instructions:

  1. It is your responsibility to make sure your pistol is unloaded and safe before starting.

  2. We recommend not removing several components unless circumstances require.  Excessive removal and re-installation of components may increase wear tolerances or loosen critical dimensions, strip screws and or threads.  Notably, these components are the SJC Glcok C-more Mount, C-more, SJC Compensators, and SJC Magwells. 

  3. We use carburetor cleaner to degrease and blow out trash from hard to reach areas being careful not to get on any desirable grip tape.

  4. For Lubrication we currently use a graphite moly engine assembly lube like those found at major automotive supply chains. White lithium grease also works well.

  5. Our chambers are tight to provide increased accuracy and support high pressure loads.  Pay special attention to your chamber and keep clean even between more thorough cleanings to avoid sticky cases and maintain consistency of function.

  6. Make sure to back out all 3 screws on your adjustable extraction system, if present, before attempting to remove cover plate.

  7. The following areas do not require lubrication, but do require monitoring and cleaning:   striker channel, striker, striker spring, cups, extractor channel, extractor, extractor plunger, extractor plunger spring, extractor pin, plunger hole, plunger, plunger spring,  and magazine release catch.

  8. Lubricate the following areas liberally (too much only means cleaning more often): locking block contact surfaces, 4 points in slide rail cuts that will contact receiver rails when in battery, connector reset bump in rear of slide, left side of rectangular barrel housing, barrel housing recess cut at slide contact point, all barrel contact points at the breach face, circumference of barrel that passes through slide (lock slide back and put bead around exposed barrel then release slide), the guide rod shaft and spring (before installation), between the connector and the trigger bar (can be performed with out removing trigger pin screw), between the trigger bar and surfaces that may ride the polymer frame, top of trigger bar that contacts striker.

  9. Armorall the inside of the grip where the magazine is inserted (do not get on outside of pistol where gripping is required)

  10. Re-assembly:
  • make sure crimped end of 10# springs(if used) are placed next to the flange of the guide rod and spring does not bind between slide’s guide rod hole and guide rod

  • re-tune adjustable extraction system and use light strength loctite to prevent loosening of screws

  • dry fire multiple times to assure trigger reset and proper activation

  • test fire before competitive match to assure sighting and function