SJC Thumb Rests

Installation Instructions

If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding

  1. It is always your sole responsibility to make sure your gun is safe and unloaded before installation or disassembly

  2. SJC thumb rests are designed to attach through the trigger pin hole on your pistol. This method will work on all SJC sight mounts and bare frame pistols.

  3. For bare frame pistols; Remove the trigger pin on your pistol and replace with the supplied trigger pin screw.

  4. Install the thumb rest dowel making sure that the countersunk end of the rest (flat) is toward the frame. Tighten the trigger pin screw into the thumb rest dowel and against the frame being careful to avoid damage or deformation to the polymer frame caused by excessive force.

  5. Tighten the set screw in the thumb rest and against the tip of the trigger pin screw to prevent loosening. Blue loc-tite may also assist in preventing loosening of the thumb rest.

  6. For SJC sight mounts installing a left sided thumb rest; first modify the existing mount to accept a screw head from the right side. Using a 4 mm bit, drill out the existing threaded hole on the right side of the mount and counter sink the enlarged hole to 90 degrees. If you do not feel comfortable performing this modification, you may mail us your stripped down mount along with a check in the amount of $34.94 to SJC at 221 West Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. This will cover our modification service and return shipping. We will also provide two new mount front screws when we return your modified mount.

  7. For SJC sight mounts installing a right sided thumb rest no sight mount modifications are necessary. Simply replace the mount’s trigger pin screw with the new longer model that extends through the mount. Install the thumb rest then tighten the set screw to prevent loosening.

  8. Note: SJC Recoil Lever Thumb Rest models require two screws, both provided. The extra screw installs through any chosen diagonal slot in the side of the mount and threads back into the lever. A minor back bevel of this screw head location may be required to prevent any contact with the slide. This is easily made using a dremel tool with a small grind stone or barrel sander to just break the sharp edges.