SJC M&P Mag wells for the full size frame

Installation Instructions

If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding any further

  1. It is always your sole responsibility to make sure your pistol is safe and unloaded before installation or disassembly.

  2. This mag well is known to prevent installation or use of magazines having OEM stock base pads and some other aftermarket extended base pads that have excessive overhang toward the rear of the magazine.  Arrendondo, M&P, extended base pads have proven to work well.

  3. Remove the back strap key from your full size M&P pistol

  4. Starting at the front of the grip, work the mag well fully onto the grip until it bottoms out (makes complete contact along the sides) on the inside of the mag well

  5. Install the provided 10-24 cap screw and tighten until snug. The new mag well screw cuts its own threads into the polymer of the frame as tightened. To prevent stripping, do not tighten excessively. This has not proven to be a problem to date, but care should still be shown.