About Us

In business since 2005, based on research and development going back another 5 years, SJC's mission is to provide the shooters using our products with a competitive advantage in an economical package. We continue to excel in that mission:

John Nagel and Steave Breeding are co-founders of S & J Customs (SJC).


John is a professional shooter and a highly trained machinist. John has been formulating open/race GLOCK guns since 2000 to achieve perfection and reliability. Now working with other pistol and rifle platforms, John now designs accessories which will improve the performance of your firearm, including the SJC Titan compensator.

John is a Former National Champion Kart Racer, but now puts his competitive drive into shooting the ultimate competition pistols. John is a Grand Master in USPSA/SCSA for RFRI (Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights), RFRO (Rimfire Rifle Open Sights), RFPO (Rimfire Pistol Open) and has been on the award podium more than 30 times in state, regional and international events.

You can follow John's competition shooting on Facebook. John also has a Blog where he writes about products of various manufacturers, including SJC, and his projects. See ArtOfTheShot.blogspot.com

Steave is SJC's primary business and sales guide. Steave is a doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduated from the University of Georgia. He has shot many different disciplines over the years and loves all of them. However, practical pistol shooting seems to have taken over. Steave is currently a USPSA member shooting Production (B), Limited 10 (B), Limited (B), and Open (C). Steave lives to compete. DVC

You can contact us at: pistolsmith@glockjockey.com or by phone at (770)843-9311.

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We are located at: 2352 Hwy 129 N, Jefferson, GA 30549 Although our online store is open 24x7, our workshop is open by appointment only.