SJC M&P Sideways C-more Mount

Installation Instructions

Contact SJC first if you fail to understand any of these instructions.

  1. It is your responsibility to make sure your pistol is unloaded and safe before handling or attempting installation.

  2. Assemble the sideways mount components using the provided #6 32 flat head screws and light strength loc-tite.  Note that the SJC logo on the side legs must be to the outside and the threaded through hole indicates the right leg (ejection port side). 
  3. Remove both the front and rear sights from the slide.

  4. Remove the slide and trigger assembly.

  5. Place the mount on your frame aligning the rear hole of the mount with the trigger pin hole. Install the supplied trigger pin screw from the left through the mount and washer, frame and back into the tapped hole on the opposite side of the mount and lightly tighten.

  6. Re install the slide on the frame under the mount then shim the mount’s front end to parallel the top of the slide or  ½ degree down on the front if desired. Use firm downward pressure on the mount against the shims to assure the mount does not shift, then mark the center of the mount's front screw holes for the pilot hole location. 

  7. Disassemble the slide, shims, mount, and frame before drilling pilot holes in the frame. These holes need to be perpendicular to the sides of the now removed mount. Drill holes from both sides. Do not attempt to drill one hole all the way through both sides.

  8. Drill out the pilot holes to the exact barrel diameter of the supplied bushings. We normally use a 19/64" bit and use heat for the final seating later

  9. You now need to inlet the sides of the guide rod/spring trough in the frame to accept the bushing flange and prevent any interference with the function of the recoil spring. Proper inletting will place the outer most portion of the bushing's barrel no more than flush with the outside of the frame. Note that the bushing flange outer diameter has flat sides. The inletting process needs to closely match these flats so the bushing will not spin on tightening and loosening of the screws. We use a end mill to bring all of the inletting elements together in a single operation but using a dremel tool carefully will be fine.

  10. Install bushings in drilled/inletted holes. Heating the bushing before seating helps to even out imperfections on inletting.

  11. After cooling, the pistol may now be re-assembled using the supplied modified take down lever and low strength loc-tite on the mount to frame screws. The mount is pre-drilled to fit the c-more slide ride sight.