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These are single item descriptions and pricing. Your project may require other items to achieve full benefits and may incur additional charges.

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  • AR Barrel Contouring

    AR Barrel Contouring

    Turning Down Oversized Barrels to Owner Supplied Dimensions Bore aligned machining of owner supplied oversized barrels to owner supplied dimensions. Includes 400 grit finish of turned surfaces. Refinishing, shipping and insurance is additional.

  • AR Barrel Threading

    Internal Bore Aligned Threading for Installation of Compensators or Flash Suppressors. Properly Aligned Barrel Threads for Ar-10 or AR-15 that will allow installation of the Lund/SJC Titan Compensator. Requires return shipping and insurance.

  • Compensator install

    In house installation of SJC Compensators Installation, indexing and bore alignment of SJC compensators. Requires but does not include SJC compensator, barrel threading, booking and testing, or return shipping.

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  • Competition Trigger Job

    Competition Trigger Job. Tuned Legal for all IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge divisions: Standard/Open/Limited/Production. Tuning to owner's preferences (note: certain modifications are available for open and limited that are not legal for...

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  • Extractor change out and tune

    Extractor change out and tune. Stock extractor systems are not consistently reliable under the higher pressures of the major 9mm loads. This in house service replaces the OEM extractor system on your pistol and tunes for reliable major 9mm extraction...

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  • KKM/SJC Gunsmith-fit Match Barrel

    KKM/SJC Gunsmith-fit Match Barrel. Increases: accuracy, reliability, high pressure load safety and case life. Requires pistol fitting in house by SJC. Will require booking, testing, and return shipping and insurance fees. Will require threading...

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