Prototype Processing


Design, Modeling, and Manufacturing  
for Prototyping
  • Uses Auto Desk CAD products. 
  • Uses additive printing technology for modeling work  
Our machining capabilities include: 
  • Clausing 15x50 manual lathe ,Vectrax cnc/manual vertical cnc knee mill 
  • Haas cnc 15x20 lathe  
  • Haas cnc vertical machining center. 
Our staff  has 15 years of design/prototype process experience. 
37 years of practical machining experience.  
Our machinists come from the Firearms, 
Aero space, and power services industries. 
So, yes, we can help you get your idea all the way from idea to product to market in a timely cost effective manner. 
We look forward to working on your next project. 
This is how it works: 

Step 1

Call for a Face to Face or phone meeting where we take care of:
  • NDA signatures
  • Design parameters
  • Estimate Targets like end user price point and time requirements
  • Project starts with your payment and our accepting a 2000 dollar retainer 
  • Billing rate on your retainer is 100 dollars per work hour. Work hours will be tracked via computer time clock and will include customer alerts. 
  • Larger projects will require regular billing and payments to maintain a positive retainer
Step 2 
Development of CAD model for customer review and acceptance in writing. 
  • Includes email or text updates as project progresses. 
  • Design changes are easiest during this step. 
Step 3 
Printed 3D polymer model provided to customer for approval of design aesthetics, fit, and function.
  • Design modifications will become more costly as 3D printing runs may be long. 3D printing runs are billed at 35 dollars per printing hour. Note: more durable/dense models take longer to print.
Step 4 
Deliver computer generated renderings of completed design.
  • 3D Printed tangible model with stl file.
  • Pdf drawing with dimensionalized features.
  • Model files can be machined at any machine shop supporting dwg files.
  • Changes at this point are final adjustments of fitment for function directed by the customer in writing.
Step 5 
Generate tool paths for machining
Step 6 
Set up machining centers for designed machined part. Using a combination of manual machining centers and cnc machining centers.
  • Machined parts will closely resemble model with exceptions based on available tooling and axial movements. Machining setup focused on being cost effective for production.
Finalize or continue to production
  • Collect unbilled hourly fees 
  • Refund any unused retainer fees
  • Deliver completed project
Step 8
  • Initial parts run for retail marketing. 
  • Deliver cost to manufacture analysis including runtimes and material costs prior to initiating production.
  • We are not a job shop but do understand the importance of having enough product to enter the market. We can run small lots to facilitate market testing. Hourly rates and material charges will apply.
  • We can also recommend production shops to manufacture 


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