SJC Buckmark Base Pad Extension Installation


Buck Mark

magazine base pad extension



SJCBMBP-r or b


*** If you do not understand these instructions in their entirety please contact SJC for help***

1)    Unload and verify that the chamber is empty and the magazine is removed from fire arm

2)    Degrease/clean the magazine and base pad with a suitable cleaner. Alcohol is best. A touch of 220 paper on both bonding surfaces before cleaning will help adhesion

3)    Purchase and mix your suitable metal adhesive in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. We use Loctite 5-minute epoxy. Available at Home Depot, Lowes and most auto parts stores.

4)    Apply a small amount of epoxy to the center of the magazine base.

5)    Firmly press the base pad onto the magazine base making sure the edges are aligned around the perimeter of the two parts.

6)    Quickly wipe off any excess adhesive with a paper towel and a touch of fingernail polish remover. Acetone also works well. (use either sparingly)

7)    Set in a location that the assembly won’t get bumped as the epoxy dries. (I set mine loosely in a vise with very little pressure so as not to crush the magazine.)

8)    After the epoxy has cured, you may load and use as is or continue onto step 9 for the most durable installation.

9)    Drill and tap the OEM mag base pad through the holes in the new base pad extension using a 6x 32 bottoming tap set. First drill the OEM magazine base and then tap the hole.

10)Use of blue Loctite on the #6-32 flat head screws will prevent unintentional loosening.