SJC Glock Mag Wells

Installation Instructions

If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding any further

  1. It is always your sole responsibility to make sure your pistol is safe and unloaded before installation or disassembly.

  2. Remove the plug from the mag well by loosening the 10-24 cap screw

  3. Insert the plug fully into the grip of your pistol verifying that it seats flush or slightly below (tapping in with a rubber hammer is acceptable)

  4. Work the mag well fully onto the grip until it bottoms out (makes complete contact along the sides) on the inside of the mag well

  5. Re-install the provided 10-24 cap screw and tighten while making sure the contact surfaces of the grip to the mag well do not change significantly. No other attachments are intended.

  6. Though it is seldom needed a M4-0.7 or 8-32 hole may be drilled into the plug through the hole in the rear of the grip and tapped if you decide you want additional  security