SJC Buckmark Mag Well


Buck Mark Mag Well


SJC0003-bm r or b

***If you do not understand these instructions in their entirety please stop and contact SJC for help***

  • Unload and verify that the chamber is empty and Magazine is removed from firearm before any work is performed.
  • This mag well is intended only for the UFX model commonly referred to as the Camper model. Verify your frame model matches.
  • Verify the mag well will fit on your frame. Snug is acceptable. But, don’t force a fit. This may cause damage that will not be covered under warranty.
  • Insert an empty magazine into the pistol while holding the mag well in place. Verify the mag will Insert fully and also fall free with the mag well on your frame.
  • After verification, start the 4 set screws into their threaded holes in the mag well. Do not tighten the points to protrude into the opening for the frame until the mag well fully seated on the frame and aligned.
  • After alignment, tighten the set screws marking their location onto your grips. The set screws should bite into the grips. Re-verify magazine full seating and fall free.
  • Back out the set screws and remove the mag well.
  • Using a 3/32” bit drill thru your grips in the 4 locations previously marked.
  • Reinstall magwell using blue Loctite on the set screw threads and tighten screws until flush with the outside of the mag well.
  • Reverify your empty magazines will insert fully and fall free. Allow loc-tite to cure before using.