SJC Bolt on Mount Frame Weight kit installation instructions


Bolt on Sight Mount

Frame Weight Kit







  • If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding
  • It is always your responsibility to make sure your gun is unloaded and safe before handling, performing installations, or removal of parts.
  • Locate the section of steel frame weight labeled -SJC-. Install its cross bar into the notch on your pistol’s accessory rail with the notch over your trigger guard.
  • Align the holes in each frame weight side with the threaded holes in the T bar section and connect using the provided #6-32 x 3/8” flat head screws. Leave all screws loose until all screws are started.
  • Remove the trigger pin from your pistol.
  • The inside of each mount leg has been machined to fit onto the frame weight and align with its most rearward threaded hole. Align and loosely install its screw.
  • Align trigger pin holes in the legs and the pistol before installing the provided trigger pin screw. Begin installation through the rear countersink of the left leg passing through the pistol’s trigger parts and then thread lightly into the rear threaded hole in the mount’s right side leg.
  • Loosely install screws between the mount’s top plate and the four holes in each mount leg. (The top plate of the micro dot mount can be spun 180 degrees depending on the bolt pattern of your sight. The top plate of the sideways mount only over hangs to the left.)
  • Lightly cross tighten all screws to insure proper head seating. No noticeable binding should be evident. Reinstalling individual screws later and using blue Loc-Tite will prevent accidental loosening.
  • Cycle your pistol multiple times to assure there is no interference with function before live firing.
  • Minor holster modifications may be required. SJC offers holster modification services and advice on CR-Speed and Ghost holsters.

May 2020 Version