SJC Glock Frame Weight Nov 2018



Frame Weight

SJC0021-G3, G4, G5


  • If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding
  • It is always your responsibility to make sure your gun is unloaded and safe before handling, installations, or removal of parts.
  • Locate the section of the frame weight labeled SJC. This is the bottom. Install its cross bar into the notch on your pistols accessory rail and the ears your trigger guard.
  • Align the holes in each frame weight side with the threaded holes in the T bar section and connect using the provided #6-32 x 3/8” flat head screws.
  • Blue Loc-Tite will prevent accidental loosening
  • Minor holster modifications may be required. SJC offers holster modification services and advice on CR-Speed and Ghost holsters.
  • Cycle the pistol with the installed weight multiple times to assure there is no interference with function before live firing.
  • Optional SJC Glock frame weight thumb rests are also available. Thumb rest units may benefit from pistol frame bushing installation for ultimate rigidity. But, can be used as bolt on no mod required units

Nov 2018 VERSION