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Secure Site Access (https)

22nd Aug 2018

The SJCGuns e-store has always provided for a secure web connection during the checkout and payment processing screens. We ha
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Credit Card Processing - Update

18th May 2018

18 May 2018We are pleased to report that we can once again process your purchases through MasterCard or Visa.
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John's new blog!

14th May 2018

John Nagel has a new blog - ArtOfTheShot. In this he writes about products from various manufacturers, including SJC, an
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Credit Card Processing

27th Apr 2018

27 April, 2018Due to policies implemented by our Credit Card processors (Intuit/QuickBooks) designed to penalize lawful comme
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The dust has cleared

16th Mar 2018

Cosmetic, technology and structural updates to our online store are now complete. Should be fast and good looking - just li
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Pardon our Dust!

1st Nov 2017

We will be updating the SJC store appearance and content in the near future. This will be done in a continuous improvement fa
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