SJC Sig P320 Frame Weight Installation

Installation Instructions

(With optional Thumb Rest Kit)
If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding.
  1. It is always your responsibility to make sure your gun is unloaded and safe before handling, installation, or removal of parts.

  2. Pre-install any thumb rest option, if purchased, onto the frame weight using the #6-32x ¼” flat head screws provided to make sure screws do not protrude through to the inside of the weight. Protruding screws could cause damage to the frame.

  3. With your pistol's frame turned upside down set the slotted frame weight bottom piece into the most rearward corresponding slots on the frame accessory rail. The cut-out should extend around the trigger guard front riser.

  4. Select either remaining side piece and attach to the installed bottom using the #6-32 x 3/8” flat head socket screws. The SJC logo should be on the muzzle end of the pistol. Repeat to install the remaining side.

  5. Use low strength loc-tite on all screws to assure they do not loosen during firing.

  6. Holster modifications may be required to use this weight. SJC offers holster modification services and advice on some holsters.