SJC Slide Racker

Installation Instructions

If you do not understand any of the following contact SJC before proceeding

  1. It is always your responsibility to make sure your gun is unloaded and safe before handling, installations, or removal of parts.

  2. Dove tail part fitting and sight work leaves a lot of room for damage to the parts involved.  If you do not feel confident in your skills then seek out the assistance of a gunsmith for the installation of this part

  3. Remove the rear sight from its dove tail notch on the slide.

  4. Remove the set screw from the slide racker

  5. Install the slide racker into the dove tail. Tapping with a rubber hammer is acceptable but excessive force must be avoided. If the slide racker is too tight then sanding or filing the bottom surface of the racker will make the fit less tight.

  6. Re-install the set screw tightening and loosening several times to mark the set screw location into the finish of the slide.

  7. To prevent future failure or unintentional loosening of the racker we recommend the following: Drill a dimple or shallow hole into the mark on the slide to accept the tip of the #6 32 tpi cone point set screw. After re-installing the racker, a single drop of light strength loc-tite on the set screw threads that is then lightly tightened into the dimple will prevent loosening or future fatigue fracture of the racker.

  8. Remember this slide racker will move with the slide under recoil. Avoid contact with body parts, barriers, or clothing during live fire.